Electronic W-9 Form – Can a W-9 Form be Signed in an Electronically ?

A W9 tax form is an IRS tax document for¬†independent contractors to meet their calendar year tax responsibilities. To get a sense of what we’re talking about, you can get a blank W9 form.

Businesses who seek the services of freelancers or contractors do not take income taxes, Medicare taxes, and Social Security taxes as regular employers would. This means that it’s the responsibility of individual contractors or freelancers to fulfill the IRS fiscal obligations. The IRS, however, is still requiring companies that employ independent contractors to file an IRS 1099-MISC form to align the tax filings of contractors and their annual tax earnings.

electronic signature w9

electronic signature w9

Is electronic W-9 form legal?

Yes, electronic W-9s are legal as long as you adhere to IRS guidelines. Here’s what the IRS states about the electronic filing of Forms W-9 in their Instructions to the Requester of Form W-9.

Do I have the ability to sign my form W-9 electronically?

The consensus is that IRS supports electronic filing. The majority of blanks are considered to be valid when signed by electronically signed signatures. But, it must be noted that every form is unique and has its own rules. That is why the person requesting the W9 form document should be aware of the changing regulations. The person filling out the document should be mindful of the details of this form before beginning to fill its form.

By IRS regulations, a blank W-9 form that is fillable can be filled out using electronic signatures. IRS allowed individuals to fill out the form using electronic signatures in 1998. To be valid, the IRS W-9 form, which was signed online, must satisfy certain conditions.

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