W9 Form for The State of Maine 2022

W9 Form for The State of Maine 2022 – Use the Form W-9 to provide your taxpayer identification number (TIN) for the individual who must complete an information return with the IRS to report. For example.

  • Income paid to you.
  • Real estate transactions.
  • Mortgage interest you paid.
  • Acquisition or abandonment of secured property.
  • Cancellation of debt.
  • Contributions you made to an IRA

The W-9 form asks for your legal name and your business name. Your full name should match the one on your IRS tax documents. If you’re a sole proprietor, you need to input your business’s name online two. Otherwise, you can simply leave the first line blank and enter the business’s name online two. Be sure to give the requester a signed, dated form so that they can verify your information before sending it out.

W9 Form for State of Maine

W9 Form for the State of Maine 2022

Maine Income Tax Table

Tax Bracket (Single) Tax Bracket (Couple) Marginal Tax Rate
$0+ $0+ 5.80%
$22,200+ $44,450+ 6.75%
$52,600+ $105,200+ 7.15%

Maine has reduced income taxes several times in recent years. The income tax rate was reduced from 8.5 percent to 7.95 percent by parliament in 2011. That was one of the most significant tax decreases in the state’s history. In 2016 the highest tax rate was reduced to 7.15 percent for the 2016 tax year, where it will remain until the 2020 tax year.

The top rate in the state remains one of the highest in the country. Maine’s overall sales tax of 5.50 percent is also among the lowest in the country, owing to the absence of county or local sales taxes throughout the state.

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